Pam teaches one on one sessions through Pilates, Indian Club Swinging and Functional Conditioning.

Sessions are individually tailored to help client's achieve goals of physical balance, strength and flexibility. Posture, alignment and breathe are the focus of every session. Asymmetries, imbalances, structural weaknesses and past or current injuries are addressed to help shape each session. Pam's teaching style is that of diversity and practicality. Her teaching sensibility appeals to clients looking to bridge the gap between rehabilitative and mind-body movement as well as taking the work into a sport specific focus. 

She works with seniors, professional dancers,  golfers and swimmers as well as New Yorkers finding balance with their busy urban lives. She has a deep understanding of recuperation for injuries such as such as leg breaks, ankle sprains, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, de quervain's syndrome, stenosis and disc bulges. She has experience working with people diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, Cerebral Palsy and Fibromyalgia. Closest to her heart, she has a particular interest in teaching clients with scoliosis after her daughter was diagnosed at age 8. 

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Functional Conditioning

Indian Club Swinging


Combining eastern and western forms of conditioning including gymnastics, boxing and yoga, Pilates is a whole body exercise system utilizing both spring resistance equipment as well a floor exercises. Pressing or pulling the springs of the Pilates equipment creates resistance and engagement of directed muscles groups. Depending on the placement of the body in relationship to springs, the force and apparatus use change function. The equipment either creates a resistance to work against, or assists in body motions to aid and increase flexibility and ranges of motion. Hence, Pilates strengthens and lengthens. The Pilates system focuses on alignment while working out the whole body. Asymmetries and muscular imbalances are addressed to create a complete and centering workout. Pilates is very helpful for stabilizing spine and pelvic imbalances and finding "center". 

Indian Club Swinging

Functional Conditioning

Indian Club Swinging


Created by Pamela Warshay, Complete Clubs® is a full body workout utilizing Indian Club Swinging. Pamela has developed a modern workout through updating swinging patterns and sequencing while adding a lower body component to the exercises. Complete Clubs® optimizes upper body strength, length and range of motion. It’s an effective and safe workout that gets your arms and back stronger while improving trunk stabilization and alignment. Complete Clubs is a non impact cardiovascular workout.

Indian Club Swinging has applications for everyone, whether you’re overcoming a shoulder injury, a parent needing more strength to hold and carry your growing child or an avid rock climber! The workout helps with wrist and hand issues like carpal tunnel syndrome to sporting goals such as improving your swim stroke or finessing your golf or tennis game. 

Functional Conditioning

Functional Conditioning

Functional Conditioning


This floor equipment based conditioning program uses your own body weight, a focus on balance and some light bands. Contemporary approached to planks, lunges, squats make this a great workout to learn and take use as a home program or a travel program. The balance requirements for this workout are a great challenge for all ages and levels. 

Scoliosis Protocols

Scoliosis Protocols

Functional Conditioning


The Scoliosis protocols are based on contemporary principles of length first, bring the body toward mid-line, then strengthen. Using propping and the support of equipment, these sessions are in line with Schroth Therapy teachings, with the foundation being Pilates. Home programs are developed to practice the work on days when not in the studio, as a daily practice is key to managing scoliosis. 


Scoliosis Protocols



A multidimensional, fluid exercise system created in 1984 for dancers, Gyrotonic training uses equipment comprised of weighted pulleys and rotational discs, which works the whole body at once. Gyrotonic exercise offers similar benefits also derived from yoga, gymnastics, swimming, kundalini yoga and ballet. The work incorporates spinal curling, arching, twisting, spiraling and lengthening movements, as well as other joint articulations. The movements promote coordination, flexibility, endurance, strength and mobilization. Clients note that after a workout, they feel mobilized, centered and very elongated. Gyrotonic is available at Sage Fitness though our certified studio instructors. 

Pricing Schedule

 Private sessions with Pam are $150 per hour. 

New clients: 2 sessions for $280

5 sessions: $725 & 10 sessions: $1400

Off site sessions and workshops available. Inquire for more details.

Bring a friend or more! Duets and small classes (up to 4 people) can be scheduled.

 Pricing adjusted according to number of participants.

WEEKLY CLASSES: The studio offers a weekly open classes. 

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For studio staff teachers, inquire about availability and pricing. 

Session fees range from $120-$135.

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Massage Therapy sessions with Austin: $130

 All sessions are subject to a 24 hour cancellation/rescheduling policy.